• Divine healing energy is channelled into the paintings and the energy is enhanced by crystals.

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  • No stencils, templates or computer graphics are used during their creation, therefore each piece is individual unique and personal to you.

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Welcome to Chakra Doodles…

Chakra Doodles is brought to you by Julie Frost, who is the creator and face behind Chakra Doodles. Julie is a spiritual healer and reiki master with over twelve years experience in the healing field. As a healer trainer Julie wanted a chakra chart as a visual aid to assist in the teaching of healing. After some searching she couldn’t find anything suitable and felt guided to create her own. This led Julie to paint individual chakras in mandala form.
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Thanks, from Vicky…

"The energy that comes from each unique and personal piece can be felt as soon as you look at them."

Meditation Chakra Mandala

Promotes a higher state of awareness through contemplation.

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Balancing the Seven Chakras

Brings the seven chakras into balance when meditated upon.

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Mandala of Life

The ancient Sacred Spiral symbol represents female energy, fertility and the womb.

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