About Chakra Doodles

Hello! I’m Julie Frost and I am the creator and face behind Chakra Doodles.

Chakra Doodles | Julie Frost

I live on the Wirral in the Northwest of England with my husband and two young sons. I am also a spiritual healer and reiki master with over twelve years experience in the healing field.

All my life I have loved to draw and paint, art always being my favourite subject in school. I was disheartend though at the age of 15 years a careers officer discouraged me from pursuing a career in the art world. I did however go on to complete my art a-level at a local college.

When I left college I decided to have a break from education and I started work in my local library where I adorned the walls of the children’s library with murals of various book characters.

I soon married and started a family and became a stay at home Mum. The only art work I did involved children’s finger paints! Although from time to time I would paint murals on my son’s bedroom walls!

I had still been continuing with my healing path but it wasn’t until May 2008 that I had my 22 strand DNA activation which opened up my creative channels and I once again picked up my paintbrushes.

As a healer trainer I wanted a chakra chart as a visual aid to assist in the teaching of healing. After some searching I still couldn’t find anything suitable and I felt guided to create my own. This then led me to paint individual chakras in mandala form.

I was approached by a number of people who wanted a chakra chart for themselves, which then developed into me taking on commissions for mandalas. From there I created a Facebook page which accumulated a lot of interest and Chakra Doodles was born!

I then took the plunge to attend Mind Body and Spirit fairs to sell my paintings as well as continuing with commissioned pieces.

Creating Chakra is the next step on my journey, so if there is something special that I can create for you then please do contact me for more information.

Bright Blessings

Julie XxX