What are Chakras?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means ‘wheel’. It is an old language which was spoken and not written but for the purpose of learning some information was recorded to help with the purpose of learning.

Knowledge of the chakras has increased over the years and is often referred to as ‘New Age’. However what is often referred to as new age is in fact old age and we are now re-discovering what was contained in ancient teachings.

Chakras are also known as energy centres. These chakras are to be found in all of us, just as we have a physical body we also have a subtle body. The chakras act as a bridge between physical matter and subtle matter.

For a long time information on the chakras was kept hidden. Knowledge was shared verbally between teachers and students, this was done to protect the teaching and keep it sacred. It was known as Esoteric teaching. Esoteric means ‘for the few’.

Chakras are a wonderful way of indicating the well being of a person. When a chakra is blocked then the corresponding energies cannot be accessed. Imbalance on one level causes imbalance on another level.

There are seven main chakras and these are continually changing, they interact, balancing and re-balancing as we alter depending on our activities and environment.

As individuals we can have chakras that are more dominant than others. Our circumstances also have an effect on our chakras. If someone has difficulty with communication then there may be an imbalance with the throat chakra. Once we identify which chakras need balancing then it is a path to healing and well being.

These seven chakras run in a vertical line up through the spinal column and correspond to the physical structures of the body.

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