What are Mandalas?

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle. In Buddhist and Hindu religious traditions their sacred art often take mandala form.

These mandalas have a spiritual significance and are designed and can be used as a spiritual teaching tool.

They aid the establishment of a sacred/meditation space and can be used as an aid to meditation. They also add to the energy and ambience of a room.

Mandalas can represent a journey from one state of awareness to another. Each pattern, colour and shape is a significant part of the journey.

Although mandalas are the expression of the artists subconscious mind they also speak to the subconscious mind of whoever gazes upon them.

The colours that are chosen are also important. Each colour has its own vibration and it is this vibration of colours that interacts with our physical and spiritual existence at all levels.

Colour can uplift us or make us downhearted. Colour also assists in healing us through the effect that the vibration has on our body.

Colours are also used to produce a variety of effects including removing negative energy and filling us with positivity energy and healing light.

The colours in these mandalas have been specifically chosen to assist in the healing process and produce feelings of upliftment and calmness.

Chakra Doodle mandalas are based on your needs and specifications, and I will use colours that are meaningful and personal to you.

Semi-precious stones are also used and placed in the centre of a Chakra Doodles mandala and these correspond with the energies of the painting. Chakra Doodles are painted with love and healing energies are channelled into each painting.